Monday, February 11, 2008

What was your "plan"?

I was reading on one of my friends blogs the other day about what she had "planned" to do with her life and it made me think about how what I "planned" to do with my life has changed since high school.
I knew I wanted to be a dental hygienist about junior year. I finished my dental assisting program the summer after high school and then I was going to take the fast track to my dental hygiene degree which included (I thought) getting into school the first time (even though only 1-2 people out of the class of 30 get in on the first try). And then I was going to be a hot young well-off dental hygienist living the single life, dating and having fun. Then I was going to go on a mission. Then I was going to come back, date a couple more years, get a cute red sports car and then find Mr. Right.
Alas I did not get into my program on the first try, but it ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me as I moved to Salt Lake and got to live with Em for two years and was the reason I met Jared. And as I got preggo I never did get to live the well-off hygienist dream as my belly got in the way of getting hired. But I've got one of the hottest husbands (who we hope will someday be a successful MBA), one of the most beautiful, sweet babies around, a temple marriage, and a happy( if crazy) life here in Indiana.
So the question for all of you is, "What did you "plan" on doing with your life and what have you actually done?" To answer this question add a new post, not a comment. I think it will be fun to compare!

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