Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hello One and All

Hello One and All

I think this is a great idea and it will be fun to interact this way. Life here for the Brazeltons are great. Cooper is continuing to make us laugh everyday. I just can't believe how smart he is and how he figures things out. It makes everyday an adventure. Chad is still putting away with school and is taking classes from the University of Phoenix (thank you ATK for paying). He really is enjoying it and doing great. I am enjoying being a stay at home mom and working from home. Some days are pretty crazy but that keeps life interesting. Well, I can't wait to hear from everyone. Thanks Heather for putting this together.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hey guys.....

Thanks for getting this together Heather. Jared, Bree and I have a blog as well ( but it will be fun to add to this one as well. I love to see what is going on with everyone.
As for me, I just got back from living in Dallas for the summer. It was fun to explore the area. Every weekend we would go and look at model homes in different suburbs. Dallas homes are very affordable, so we are excited about that. Jared worked for two different law firms as a clerk this summer. We are going back to Virginia for one more year of law school. We will most likely return to Dallas to work for one of these two firms. I am just doing the mom thing. Bree keeps me busy. There are a lot of married LDS grad students at UVa, so we have a blast hanging out with them. We will miss Charlottesville Virginia a lot. It is a great place to live!
Anyway, that is just a little about what is going on with me. There are tons of pictures on our blog.
Thanks again for thinking of this Heather. Take Care!

Jessica Scot (for some reason it signs my name as Jared)

A new School Year!

Well this is a great idea Heather! Maybe this will help me to keep in touch. Thanks! Right now I have had 3 days of school. I am teaching 2nd grade again and it is alot of fun! I have 31 little 7-8 year olds in my classroom so that is kind of crazy, but thier behavior is about 100 times better than last year! The funny thing is, is that I have 4 Anthonys 4 Daniels and 2 Rylees. So that sometimes is a little confusing. A little boy named Enheden said he went by Dan but I told him sorry this year it is Enheden! Poor kid! Ryan is working hard right now. He is taking the last of his CPA tests so he is busy round the clock! He just got a great promotion so we were excited about that. Thats pretty much all about us right now. I am looking forward to this! Heather you are the best! Have a great day everyone!

Thanks Heather!

A big thanks to Heather for getting this blog going for us! :) Maybe I'll be a better correspondent, now.

Cody, Allie, and I are doing well. Cody is working full time at Melaleuca and looking for another job. We will reapply to grad schools this fall. He doesn't have a preference for where he goes, he just wants to go! Allie is six months old now. She is just as sweet and cute as ever! She says "Dada, eeeee, and aaaaaa" She is also rolling around like crazy. We put a mirror against our couch and she loves talking and playing with the baby in the mirror. As for me, I am just enjoying staying home and being a full-time mommy.

Hope all is going well with each of you and your families. Much Love!

hey Heather GREAT idea, but it is taking me a while to figure out this whole blog thing, but I think it is a wonderful way for us to keep in touch with each other, and share what is going on in all of our crazy lives that we live!


If you are reading this it means that you accepted the invitation to be part of the blog! It is really easy to use and we can post pictures as well as dialouge! I hope you all will start using it! Love ya, Heather