Friday, October 12, 2007

Crazy Weather

For those who are outside of Utah I just thought I would show what the weather has been like here !

Day One Snowball Fight Day ~~~~~~~~ Day Three Playing at the Park

I have a sideshow with more pictures on my blog if you are interested!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A few days in Michigian

Hey Everybody!
I hope everyone had a good conference this past weekend. It's weird having to either watch online or go to the stake center for it! Well, dunh, dunh, dunh... it's finals week for Jared(they do two modules per semester in business school)and so to get out of his way and to leave him more time to study I took Miles and went to Michigain to visit my friends, Kim and Josh and their four children. They were in our ward in Murray and Josh decided in spite of having a B.S. and and M.S. in accounting to go to law school to be a tax attorney! Needless to say it helped me realize how lucky I am to only have one child while Jared is in grad-school! Poor Kim has it ten times harder than I do and Josh is going to be in school for 3 years.
But I had so much fun. We went berry picking at a raspberry farm and apple picking at an orchard and did some shopping for Miles for next summer.

*If any of you are interested, Sears was having a major end of summer sales rack! The best deal I got was a pair of shorts for $.29 cents! I got 6 pair of shorts and most of them were under a dollar, plus 8 shirts and 2 pairs of sandels all for $17.00!*

The only down part was that Miles woke up sick yesterday! This is his first time being sick, and I knew it was too good to last but I feel very grateful that he made it to 6 months without getting anything. At least he slept well on the way home. Poor little guy has a slight fever and stuffy nose. I bet he had sneezed 200 times in the last day and a half! I have a nasal spray that I'm giving him, but does anyone have other advice? Ironically, his sixth month well-check visit and shots are tomorrow. Does anyone know if they can be sick when they get shots? I can't call because the doctor's office is closed on Thursdays. Oh, and the weather finally turned cold out here! It was 80 degrees on Tuesday and on Wednesday it suddenly turned 55 degrees overnight! Well, just wanted to share the info about the sale at Sears and ask for any sick baby advice. -Much love, Heather

Hi Everyone, It's been a while so I thought I would update. I started working for Dr. Liebelt (yes Lindsey's dad) about 6 weeks ago and it's been great. It's nice to get out of the house for a few hours each day and interact with adults. I'm really enjoying it and I'm actually going to Floriday next Thursday with Dr. Liebet and his wife for some training on a Spinal Decompression machine. I'm really excited and nervous. I've never been away from Cooper or Chad that long but I'm excited about the opportunity this will be for me and the buiness. Anywho, Cooper is still keeping us busy. He is now saying cookie and cracker and if you ask him a question he says, "Um....sure." it's hilarious. Chad is still busy with school but he is on his third class with University of Phoenix and he's really doing a great job and getting great grades. Well, take care and I'll post again sometime.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Draco and Scoop

I don't know why but my post is automatically dating it as Oct 10, does anyone know how to change it to current date?

Here are my little guys on Halloween! They had a blast once they got in their costumes. Corbin went with his little friend from the ward who was Harry Potter and they looked so adorable. At first Taylor did not want us to put the scoop costume on him, but once we got it on he was thrilled! He barrelled his way through all the other trick-or-treaters to get to the candy - it was hilarious!


Sorry about that, Corbin added those L's up above because his brother loves L's!

I don't know if my boys are sick or if they had too much candy, but they have both thrown up in the last 24 hours. I don't think it is candy because I wouldn't let them have that much.

I hope all of you had a great Halloween and I want to see pictures. Christina and Heather, your boys look adorable!


The other day I coulnt' get pictures to go on, so I am trying again for those of you who want to see my boys! We are getting family pictures soon, so I will put those up when we get them!

Hello Everyone

Hey, it's me JaNae! This is so much fun, I have loved seeing how everyone is doing! It took me a while to get signed on to this. I guess I am blogger illiterate! I sure have been enjoying my life here in North Salt Lake! We have been in our house for 6 months and I have loved decorating it, that has become something I enjoy very much. We love the neighborhood we are in. It is so nice to feel safe here (the last place we came from wasn't exactly safe - South Salt Lake, but we still loved it) For those of you who may not know, I am married to Justin Morris. We have been married for 4 1/2 years. I still can't believe it. We are thinking of going on an anniversary get away this May, it will be the first time we will have gone anywhere without the kids for more than a day, I am excited, but I'm sure I will miss my boys a ton! Do any of you have a great vacation spot that you have been on?

Justin is working at Fidelity and for the most part, he enjoys it. He is doing such a good job and is going to apply to be a manager in the next year, I think he will like being a manager. The other two boys in my life are Corbin and Taylor. I love being a mom to them so much! Corbin is 3 1/2 and he loves, loves, loves tools and being some kind of a witch! He actually loves being Draco Malfoy (for those of you who read Harry Potter, I promise I am not teaching him to become a bad boy!!) He just likes him because he rides brooms and they both have blond hair!! He is going to be Draco for Halloween and he looks adorable!! We slicked his hair back like Draco and I made him some black robes and he is the cutest Draco I have ever seen! I'll send pictures after Halloween! Taylor is 1 1/2 and his favorite thing is horses or any kind of animals - he knows just about every animal sound. He doesn't talk a lot (Corbin does all the talking) but he knows enough to get by in this tough world! He is one of the happiest kids I know (but with that extreme happiness comes the extreme on the other end! He can get upset pretty fast) My two boys play together so well. Corbin will tell Taylor, "Taylor do you want to come and play" and Taylor will say, "ya" and then Corbin will grab Taylor's hand and lead him to wherever they are playing! It's adorable!

Hopefully you aren't too bored reading this! It is so fun to hear from all of you and keep writing (and I will too)! Take Care!