Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kids say the darndest things!

So I wanted to start writing down some of the funny, cute things that some of my students have said about my pregnancy. I thought that I would share them with you to brighten your day!
-After we had been using balloons in a lesson a little boy said, "Oh I get it, Mrs. Watkins, your stomach is like a balloon and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and when the baby comes it will just POP!"
-A little girl came up to me with a very sad face; Me:"Whats wrong?" Girl " I just think that you just might love your baby in your tummy more than you love us, your real kids!"
- "Mrs. Watkins maybe when I am big I will marry your little girl!"
-"Mrs. Watkins when we came to 2nd grade you were just an old kid, now you are mommy, that means you are all grown up!"
-After I had accidentally bumped a student with my tummy she said, "It is ok, your baby just wanted to give me a hug!"
-"Mrs. Watkins can't race us anymore becuase she is fat and her tummy will make her fall over!"
-"Mrs. Watkins, I think after you have your baby you should make your husband baby-sit it. Becuase we need you more here at school and we don't want a substitute!"
-"Mrs. Watkins your legs are starting to disappear when you sit down!"
-"Mrs. Watkins I think your baby is going to be super smart because everyday she is learning what 2nd graders learn, and that is ALOT of hard stuff!"
-I had a little boy with Asperger's syndrome last year and when I told him I was going to have a baby, he said, "Boy I just make all of my teachers have babies!" His first grade teacher had a baby the year after he left as well! Then he said, "I am an Uncle now!"
-Names that have been suggested: Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, Sunshine, Susie, Holly Jr., Shanelle, Dulcita, Juana, Maria, Pocahontas, Ariel, Springy, Molly, (so our names rhyme!) Beauty, Daisy, Rose, everyday there is another one!
-"Mrs. Watkins what do want your baby to be Mexican or American?"
-"Mrs. Watkins, can I baby-sit your baby? I will be very careful! I will even take her to the park and let her ride in my basket on my bike! I will push her on the swing so she goes very high! I will let her have chocolates too! Well, maybe just chocolate milk since she is just a baby!"
-"Mrs.Watkins everyday you get more and more glowy!"
-Some of the girls at Recess were playing school. They were taking turns being the teacher and when they were the teacher they would place there jacket up thier shirt so they could look like me!
-For Valentines Day the baby recieved, 5 used stuffed bears, a marker(that smells), many drawings, many chocolates and a naked Barbie doll!
These kids are so cute and funny! I need to be better about writing down all the funny and cute things, I just always forget!
As you can tell I teach in an area that is highly Hispanic. Out of 30 kids 24 have Spanish as their first language!
As far as the pregnancy, things are going well! I am trying to keep my energy up for these cute kids at school, but everyday it gets a little bit more difficult. I just found out that I am enemic as well so that has made me very tired! I am trying hard to eat all the red meat and leafy greens that I can find! So hopefully that helps! We still have not decided on a name, but we have narrowed it down to 2, so we will see what she looks like!
Take Care! Have a wonderful day!