Wednesday, February 13, 2008

By the way

For those of you who want to know. My due date is August 24th. When the nurse told me my actual due date, she said, "I am so sorry!" Oh well, I knew what I was getting into. I am actually looking forward to not having a baby right in the middle of winter.

I would love to have a little girl and right now I have a feeling that is what it is and plus everyone around me says they feel it is a girl (due to the fact that I am sicker with this one than I was with my boys). Justin and I were talking and we think it would be great to have another little boy. Corbin and Taylor are such opposites that it would be interesting to see another boys personality and see who he was more like! (How is it Christina?)

Either way, we will be so happy with a healthy beautiful baby!


Andrea Winkel said...

I am so excited for you. That is so crazy. I think it was my mom who said something earlier about you being pregnant, but I wasn't for sure. Congrats! That is almost a perfect birthday for your little one. Just make sure and have it two days earlier so that we can share birthdays.

I hope you get feeling better soon. I just don't look forward to that.

Holly said...

Congrats JaNae!

I am so happy for you! These sweet little babies just come when they want to huh? I am sorry that you are feeling sick! I feel your pain. I still have morning sickness everday with this little girl, so I am just hoping when I have a boy it will be alot easier!

Andrea :) said...

I am so excited for you guys! You will have tons of fun with a little girl if that is what your baby is. I love my little girl! You already know about the little boys. ;) I'm sure they are a lot of fun, too. :) I hope you feel better really soon.