Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ok for all of you that are still in Brigham City I am wanting to do a park day once a week during the summer where we can all meet and just let the kids play. I thought we would do a diffrent park each week, and meet in that same day every week. We could do lunch or just meet there and let the kids play. I know my kids bring food to the park just means they will eat it later. I just thought it would be nice to get together, and catch up. So I need all your imput, and then I can get it all put together.
To all of you out of Brigham City I hope you all come back and visit soon, and I will post the schedule, and if you plan on coming to town if ya give heads up I am sure we can switch around the schedule.
So let me know, and you can come even if you don't have kids yet , and that includes the expecting parents too!

~Heather i am so glad you made it home ok, and I hope you are feeling better now! Also your easter picture is just to cute, and that little man is growing way to fast! Take care out there!

Easter Pictures

Well, here is our Easter picture for this year! I must say it's a lot more flattering than last year's. (I gave birth five days after Easter last year) I want to see some updated pictures from everyone!

Good luck to Holly and Savanna with your upcoming births. Not long now!

Oh, And Cami has a new blog that I've added to the blog list on the side!

Love you all, Heather