Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Plan

Well, I thought that Heather's question was very thought provoking. It is very interesting how our life "plans" change all the time, well at least mine do. I guess that is the wonderful thing about life is that you really never do know what is around the corner. The time in my life when I had the most definite plan was my last year in college. I was going to graduate, teach for a year somewhere besides Utah, go on a mission, come home and teach and date and then get married. Well it is funny how the year that I thought I had things figured out I met Ryan and all plans changed. (Of course for the better!) I ended up getting married right after graduation moving to Arizona and teaching. I never thought that I would ever live here but it is just how life turned out. (this was in Ryan's plans however, to graduate date and move back to his "home".) Now the girl who would have been completely content to live in good old Brigham for the rest of her days live in Busy Hot Arizona! (Yeah today it was 79 degrees!) I have had so many learning and growing experiences and I know that it is the best decision for my family.
Now we are making other plans, having a baby, buying a house, quit teaching, Ryan taking his last CPA test (WAHOO!!) Who knows if these plans will all work out. I do know that if we have faith in Heavenly Father, he will lead us to the best plan that we could ever dream of!
Thanks Heather for asking this great question! Like you I am very interested in others response! Take Care!

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Andrea :) said...

Isn't it funny how life works out? Good luck to Ryan and his last test! :) Good luck to you with having your little one. I'm sure she will be as beautiful as her mom. I hope you are doing well. :) Love ya