Friday, August 24, 2007

Weeks up-date

1st picture: My nephews Jace 4yrs old and Ransom 2 days old

2nd picture: Xander happy to be three on July 13

3rd pictures: Landen Just Playin in the car

4th picture: Kayden at the cabin (he said that it was stinky)

Hey this is awesome I love hearing about everyone, and what is going on each of you and your families. YEEEAAAHHHH I have good news. As some of you know I am currently back in Utah. Tyler has been in Oregon the last month while I came out to help with my sister-in-law she just had a little baby boy named Ransom, and she had a lot of complications, bed rest, and hospital stays so I helped out watching her oldest boy. Sadly this will be my last nephew from her, but she has two wonderful little boys and is blessed to have them. Anyways back to Tyler...He is currently packing up a uhaul, and driving to Utah today. I am so excited to see him after a month. The down part of the the whole experience is that he is going to have to take a pay cut. We lived in Grants Pass, Oregon, and the living circumstances are not good. The County was losing so much money that they couldn't 't pay for things like law enforcement, and so they cut them back. Everyday there were articles in the paper saying that police aren't responding to calls because they don't have enough man power. Tyler said that just last week two panhandlers were fighting in the parking lot, and someone called the police, and no one showed up, and so one got killed. There are some days that Tyler gets Three-Four bomb threats a day at the Wal-mart store (sorry for those that don't know he is a co-manager for Wal-mart) and that is scary sometimes, because you don't know what people are capable of doing. So we have decided that is not a place we want our kids to be, and I was scared in the situation, and didn't dare going out by myself so I was in the house a lot. So we are not sure what he is doing yet, but we just know that we have to get our family out of that situation, although it will be sad to leave our new friends that we have made. So anyways we are just going by blind faith. So we we are currently living with Tyler's parents till we can get everything the way it needs to be. Kayden is starting Preschool, and is way excited every time we get in the car he asks if he gets to go to school today sadly we have to say no you have till the fourth of Sept.. He is an awesome big brother. Xander for all of you who don't know when Xander was two he had lead poisoning, and had test after test done for information on why he wasn't talking and why he was so far behind in things. We are safe to say that we think a lot of his delay was due to the lead poisoning, but he has also been diagnosed with speech apraxia (which is like when old people have a stroke, and they can't talk, but young kids with it with the right help can grow out of it) so we have been doing early interventions, and speech therapy, and happy to say that Xander can now have some what of a conversation with us, and the screaming has almost gone away. Although he still shows a lot of frustration when we can't understand him or he can't get out what he wants to say. He has been accepted for a special preschool for delayed kids that he will start going to in Sept. Landen is doing GREAT he talks just a little less then Xander, and that make me feel GREAT he is learning new words all the is sad to think that my little baby is growing up so fast. So currently I am just staying home with the boys and loving it although sometimes a break would be nice it seems as though I keep going and never stop. So I just wanted to up-date everyone on what is going on in my crazy life. Well hope to see some of you for peach days. Oh if any of you are around Brigham I was thinking next summer because it may be to late now, but we should have a park day that way everyone and the kids could get together...we may still have some time to do it before it gets to cold, but let me know I would love to work ever thing out! talk to you all later!

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Andrea :) said...

I love the park idea, Christina! Let's do it! Name the day, and I'll try to get down from Rexburg :)