Saturday, August 25, 2007


Hey Everyone!

First, Thank you SO much Heather for making this blog! Evanicio and I (McKell) moved to the Seattle Washington area in June and lets just I'm not liking it. I'm doing my best to like it as that it looks like we will be here for at least few years. But really I just love that this blog connects me back to my wonderful friends. I have yet to find a friend here in Washington, other than my awesome sister. I do know that Seattle is awesome to visit (just never live here) if any of you want to visit, my door is always open! Evanicio is working as a civil engineer in downtown Bellevue. I have been working as an Employee Relations Representative Program Manager, the longest title I have had yet, in Redmond. We live in a little place called Maple Valley. Everyone has been telling me this is the worst summer they have ever seen (worse meaning it rains all the time). I'm less than impressed by the nutty traffic, high prices, and depressing weather but life is an adventure and I'm hoping this is just one of the many stops along the way!
PS: the picture is of me at a place called Snoqualmie Falls, it was one of the very few sunny days we have had and was still only in the high 70's.


Weeks Family said...

it will get a little better. My sister lives south of seattle she used to live in Marysville, and I was born in Evrette. Ya know out of all the states I have lived in Utah will always be home for the Great memeories, and all the love this state has to offer. Thanks for up dating us.

Andrea :) said...

I love your positive attitude! I need to adopt it. Rexburg is great, Idaho is great, but after (gasp) 6 years I really want to move home. Hang in there :) Much Love