Thursday, August 23, 2007


I'm so glad you all have joined our blog and are navigating around it so well! Just a couple things you might or might not know. You can sign in by either going to or you can also sign in at . When I go to it automatically signs me in (?) so it might do the same for you. I don't know how it works like that but it is cool! Another thing is you can go back and see any post that has been made by checking the archives, even if it has been months. One thing that I think is fun is the YouTube videos on the side. This is one of my new favorite songs, "Bubbly". I think it is so cute. Click on the second picture. The first one isn't working for some reason.
I really hope that we don't use this just for updateing on our lives every couple of months, although that is a good way to start, but that we actually talk about what is going on day to day, whether it is something your kid or schoolkid said that was hilarious or your husband/roommates are studying and you just need to vent to somebody.(Heaven knows that is what I used my dental hygiene blog for) And please post pictures!!! Okay enough of me.
Love ya, Heather

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