Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A new School Year!

Well this is a great idea Heather! Maybe this will help me to keep in touch. Thanks! Right now I have had 3 days of school. I am teaching 2nd grade again and it is alot of fun! I have 31 little 7-8 year olds in my classroom so that is kind of crazy, but thier behavior is about 100 times better than last year! The funny thing is, is that I have 4 Anthonys 4 Daniels and 2 Rylees. So that sometimes is a little confusing. A little boy named Enheden said he went by Dan but I told him sorry this year it is Enheden! Poor kid! Ryan is working hard right now. He is taking the last of his CPA tests so he is busy round the clock! He just got a great promotion so we were excited about that. Thats pretty much all about us right now. I am looking forward to this! Heather you are the best! Have a great day everyone!

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Andrea :) said...

Hey Holly,

Good Luck with your new school year! I know you are an awesome teacher! :)

Love, An