Saturday, October 6, 2007

Honoring Mrs. Holmgren

Recently Mrs. Melanie Holmgren retired from being the choir pianist and they are going to honor her. So On October 23 at the choir concert they are going to recognize her. What they want to do is put a book together with thoughts, memories, thank you's etc. for her. They are asking for you all to e-mail these to Claudia at They need to be recieved ASAP so they can bind the book together. So if you could tell all your friends and have them tell their friends it sure would help. :)

I got this e-mail from my mom and I thought I would pass it along to those of you that knew Mrs. Holmgren. She was an awesome pianist! Thanks for your help. FYI: Lori Price is new choir pianist. I know Holly, Alicia, and I had piano lessons from her and she is fabulous, too. :)

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