Saturday, September 22, 2007

Together Again!

Well, My family is together again, and it is such a GREAT feeling. Tyler Came for Peach Days, and then left for Oregon. He wasn't supposed to be back until the 28 of Sept., but he surprised me and after he got off the plane he packed what little stuff in his car, and cleaned out his stuff from work, and drove home, and I was so surprised to see him outside when he got here. I am including some family picutres that we had taken while Ty's grnadparents where here, and then I will add the professional ones later they probably turned out a little better. Just so you know it isn't easy to get three little boys to smile, and so we picked the best ones we could :). The one with the five boys is all the grandkids.So now we are just house hunting, and that is not an easy is just more fustrating to find the right thing for the right price. All your guys pictures are so cute.

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McKell H. Costa said...

You look gorgeous! I totally know what you mean by how hard it is to get three boys to smile. I tried to help my sister with her family pictures she has a 2 yr old and 6 mo old it was impossible! Hope you are enjoying Utah! And good luck on the house hunt we are doing the same and it is a BEAST!