Thursday, August 30, 2007

Old Job

After spending a few days with my husband we sent him back to Grants Pass, Oregon :( I was very said to see him go, but while he was here he had the opportunity to have an interview with his old boss at the Brigham city Wal-mart store, and they have offered to take him back, but the GREAT news is instead of him losing 20 thousand dollars a year he will only lose 6 thousand a year to step down, and there is more...the south Logan wal-mart store will be opening sometime around summer of 2008, and they say he would have a good chance of stepping up to a co-manager again when that store opens up, and so I must say we have been blessed, and so in a couple of weeks Tyler will be here for good, and we are going to start looking for a house :) we are extremely excited for everything that is opening up for, and all the opportunities that have come our way. Well I just wanted to share the exciting news, and I hope all is going well with you and your families. Heather: Those pictures are cute, and thanks for sharing them!

Hey just a thought maybe we should just comment on the main page then everything may not be everywhere and easier to find! Just a thought!

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Andrea :) said...

CONGRATS to you guys! Finding a job is so wonderful! I'm so glad the pay cut isn't as horrific as it could have been. Good luck house hunting :) Much Love