Sunday, August 1, 2010

Visit to Utah

Hey All!
I'm headed to Utah for a visit! I have really been missing my Utah home and friends and would LOVE a chance to see all of you (or at least as many as possible). I will be in Brigham (with limited but some mobility) from Aug. 18 to Aug 31. If you are interested or able to hang out (even a picnic to the park) let me know. My email is It would be cool to have a bunch of people but I'm happy to get you one at a time as well! Hope to see you all soon!


Andrea :) said...

McKell! I would love to see you anytime that you will be there! Let me know what works for you. :)

Camilla said...

I could totally go for a park day! I bet your little guy is not so little anymore! Which reminds me...would you ever send me another invite to your blog? Mine expired! Thanks so much! :)