Saturday, February 7, 2009

Allie is 2!

Our little Allie just turned 2 last week. While Cody and I were in Europe, my mom had her pictures taken. It was such a wonderful surprise to us! Here are a few of my favorites:

I hope everyone is doing well and loving life! Congratulations to all those that are expecting, all those that are new mommys, all the newlyweds, and all those taking it one day at a time--like me. :)


The Winkel Family said...

Andrea, she is just adorable. That is so sweet of your mom to do that as a surprise. Allie is so photogenic. Just beautiful! Hope you are all doing well.

Camilla said...

What a beautiful girl! She must take after her mommy. :) Those pictures are so darling. I can't believe she's two! Two year olds get a bad rap, but I think they're the most fun!

Andrea :) said...

Thank you! :) You guys are so sweet! :)